Superior Street Reconstruction

Frequently Asked Questions


The City of Duluth is planning to reconstruct Superior Street, including all underground utilities, from 7th Avenue W to 4th Avenue E. The existing brick pavers, installed over 20 years ago, are at the end of their lifespan. In 2013, portions of the bricks were removed and replaced with asphalt due to the extent of deterioration. This temporary solution was initiated with the understanding that a long-term design process would be undertaken.

The revitalization project includes replacing and repairing public utilities, improved pedestrian connections, wayfinding, new streetscape and lighting as well as increased amenity space. 

No. The existing bricks continue to deteriorate and will be replaced by concrete pavement with integral color and varying surface textures.
This project is scheduled to get underway in the spring of 2018 (April/May). It will be done in phases with the first phase in 2018 covering 7th Avenue West to 3rd Avenue West. Each year, construction work is expected to last from April/May to October.

Superior Street from 7th Avenue West to 4th Avenue East will be reconstructed over the next three construction seasons.

2018: 7th Avenue West to west side of 3rd Avenue West intersection
2019: 4th Avenue East to east side of Lake Avenue intersection
2020: Lake Avenue to 3rd Avenue West (includes both intersections)

Downtown always will be accessible during this project. However, a detour route for the specific phase of the project will be utilized as vehicular traffic will not be allowed in the construction zone. Motorists should also watch for digital messages as they travel into downtown from 135.
Yes! Sidewalk access will remain during the project, but there will be approximately 7-10 days when that will not be the case. This is when work crews will need to pour new sidewalks or when they need to make utility connections. Most businesses are also accessible by either the Skywalk System or alley.

On-street parking will not be available in the section of Superior Street that is under construction. Motorists are encouraged to utilize parking ramps during this project, though on-street parking still will be available along the avenues as well as other parts of Superior Street and neighboring streets. Seven parking ramps will be offering “First Hour Free” parking for motorists!

The following ramps are recommended during each phase:

Phase one:

  • Civic Center Ramp - 410 W. First Street
  • 4th Avenue Auto Park - 402 W. Michigan Street
  • Duluth Transportation Center - 228 W. Michigan Street
  • US Bank Ramp - 230 W. Michigan Street

Phase two:

  • Medical District Ramp - 302 E. First Street
  • Tech Village Ram - 10 E. First Street
  • Hart District Ramp - 125 E. Superior Street

Phase three:

  • Tech Village Ramp - 10 E. First Street
  • Hart District Ramp - 125 E. Superior Street
  • US Bank Ramp - 230 W. Michigan Street
  • Duluth Transportation Center - 228 W. Michigan Street




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