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Superior Street Reconstruction

NOTE: Images shown are from the project design memorandum dated December 2015 for preliminary visualization.  Streetscape and roadway features depicted (including fixtures, furniture, colors, materials, and section properties) are subject to change without notice and the final build condition will/may vary from what is shown.


Download Preliminary Design & Public Involvement Summary Document (82 MB)




West of Lake Avenue

Parking is both parallel and diagonal

Typical sidewalk width of 13 feet on South side

Typical sidewalk width of 16.5 feet on North Side

Bumpouts provide public space

West of Lake Avenue Design

West of Lake Avenue Section A





East of Lake Avenue

Parallel parking both sides of street

Typical sidewalk width of 14 feet

Smaller bumpouts provide amenity space

One side of parking could be converted to protected bike facility if desired in the future

East of Lake Avenue

East of Lake Avenue Section C






Festival space option

Outdoor café option

Bumpouts 1

Bumpouts 2

Bumpouts 3




Street Lighting

Street Lighting



Sample Illustration

Sample Illustrations




Aging underground utility infrastructure

Project will replace all storm sewers and water mains

Sanitary sewer lines have already been rehabilitated

Steam utility project to occur in tandem with Superior Street reconstruction

Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities 2