City Council

City Council

Duluth has a Mayor-Council form of government, with the City Administration making policy proposals to a nine member City Council.  Duluth's five representational districts are divided into 34 precincts.  Each of the five council districts elects its own councilor.  There are also four at large councilors, representing the entire city.


The mission of the Duluth City Council is to develop effective public policy rooted in citizen involvement that results in excellent municipal services and creates a thriving community prepared for the challenges of the future.


TOOLS OF CIVILITY: The Duluth City Council promotes the use and adherence of the tools of civility in conducting the business of the council. The tools of civility provide increased opportunities for civil discourse leading to positive resolutions for the issues that face our city. We know that when we have civility, we get civic engagement, and because we can’t make each other civil and we can only work on ourselves, we state that today I will: pay attention, listen, be inclusive, not gossip, show respect, seek common ground, repair damaged relationships, use constructive language, and take responsibility. [Approved by the council on May 14, 2018]